Prizes will be shared equally among winning team members

First Prize $7,500
Second Prize $5,000
Third Prize $2,500
First Prize $5,000
Second Prize $2,500
Third Prize $1,000

While not prerequisites, students who are enrolled, registered, or have completed the following courses may be interested in this competition:

RSM 330H1 Investments
ECO 374H1 Applied Econometrics
ECO 462 Financial Econometrics

STA 302 Methods of Data Analysis
STA 303 Methods of Data Analysis II
STA 410 Statistical Computation
STA 457 Time Series Analysis

CSC 373/CSCC73 Algorithm Design
CSC321/CSC11 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining
CSC336/CSCC37 Numerical Methods


Friday February 19
Registration deadline 5PM

Friday February 26
Unofficial transcript and resume due

Friday March 4
Applicants accepted and teams announced via email.

Friday March 18
Dinner & Distribution of Swag Bag
DCS Innovation Lab
2nd Floor, Sigmund Samuel Library Building
9 King’s College Circle

Quantathon Problem Emailed

Saturday March 19
12PM – Lunch
Bahen Room 7231
40 St. George Street

5PM – Dinner
Bahen Room 7231

Sunday March 20
12Noon – Lunch
Bahen Room 7231

5PM Solutions Due

Wednesday March 23
Finalist teams announced.

Monday March 28

Monday March 28
Reception 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Winning teams announced and prizes awarded!
Additional prizes can be won at the reception

Momofuku – Daisho Third Floor
190 University Avenue